Blackout Cake

Chocolate Fudge “Blackout” Cake. As often happens, I cut into the cake before taking the photo…

One day in August I felt like baking a cake. I wanted a nice yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting—one of my favorite basic cakes! I went onto King Arthur Baking Co. to get the recipe for their Classic Birthday Cake —because ten recipes for yellow cakes isn’t enough to have on hand…

There on the opening page was this recipe for a Chocolate Fudge “Blackout” Cake. I had to check it out. I decided to make that instead. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday; I’d already made my husband’s traditional icebox cake (chocolate wafers sandwiched with oodles of slightly sweetened, freshly whipped cream) earlier in the month. I could try that yellow birthday cake another day.

Icebox cake aka “Prison Pudding”

The “Blackout” cake was so dark and so good— just what I wanted: a chunk of delicious cake! And there was plenty! It was a little dry by the time we (or mostly my husband) finished it up, about a week later (yeah, he’ll finish stuff even if it’s time for the compost, in my opinion.) Worth it though!

I did not crumble the last layer and sprinkle/pat it around the edges. Too much work, too big a mess. So it wasn’t “authentic”.

There’s a little story that goes along with the original recipe. I love the history of foods. How certain things came to be popular, etc.

The cake was originally from a bakery called Ebinger’s in Brooklyn. There’s a back story, of course; and a modern story, which is not my story. If interested, you can read about it here on a blog post by Kate Workman at It’s a fun little tale and the recipe for the cake is in the blog post as well.

I’m looking forward to trying that recipe too. Happy Baking!

The missing piece…